Content At Scale – Ready to have your mind blown?

As promised, the AI writer that is simply bananas 🍌

December 5th Update* – Content At Scale now bypasses AI detection apps such as HuggingFace

Stuff I forgot to put in the video:

  1. Content At Scale takes between 5-25 minutes to create an article.

  2. BUT… you can create multiple articles at the same time. So you could enter 10 keywords and they would still only take 5-25 minutes total.

  3. Here is the service. Yes, I’m using an affiliate link, but if you use my link then it actually benefits you as well (you get a 20% boost in credits, and the ContentAtScale team will do a year’s worth of keyword research for you based on the plan).

  4. Probably my favorite way to use this tool is as a “Content expander” like I mentioned in the video above. Here is the example post I made displaying how it’s done. The TL;DR is just use the AI content as an addition to your human content, so you can write “the important stuff”, and then let the AI write the stuff needed to rank.

  5. Update! The tool now allows the users to just drop in a Youtube, podcast, or reference URL and Content at Scale will automatically create a post based on the content. This feature makes coming up with content ideas MUCH easier. 
Content At Scale AI Writer

Can you think of any more interesting ways to use Content At Scale?

If so, hit me up, I love thinking outside the box with these types of tools.


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