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  • Your ad will get a guaranteed minimum of 3000 opens per send. A typical newsletter generates between 550 – 1,100 clicks. The number of clicks through to your ad is influenced by: Your offer, the quality of your ad copy, the wording in your CTA, and more.
  • You provide all the ad copy, and an image if you choose, upon booking the ad spot. We have a little flexibility, but please try to stick to the word count limits – otherwise our editor goes crazy with the delete button.
  • Featured ads are best when they follow the style of our newsletter, i.e. in a native ad format.
  • We will include: Emojis of your choice in the headline and/or call to action, and up to 2 links in a sponsored ad and 3 in a feature ad.
  • All ads are subject to approval. Please don’t send us ads anything weird, sketchy, or spammy. MLMs can get lost. Also no SEO services (founder conflict of interest on this last one).
  • Your ad will not run until we receive payment. You’ll get an invoice as soon as we confirm your ad slot.
  • The slots fill up quickly. Try to contact us at least 4 weeks in advance.
  • We cannot always guarantee an exact publishing date, but we do guarantee that any spots you purchase will be ran. If you need an exact date for something you can ask, but no promises.


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