Income Store Portfolio – 2021 Update

We were truly saddened by what happened to investors of The Income Store (TIS). For a round up of what occurred back in 2020, check out the write-up by Jon over at Website Income.

Back in 2020, Emilia Gardner found out that the Receiver had published a PDF on the site listing all the domains that TIS owned and asked if someone was going to help evaluate the sites. She published this on her YouTube channel.

February 2020

Previously, we were able to extract the URLs from the publicly available document, enter them into the Batch Analysis tool of Ahrefs and exported their search traffic data.

We assumed sites’ pageviews are 2x the search traffic shown in Ahrefs (somewhat conservative) and that the sites on average achieved a $20 RPM (revenue per 1000 pageviews).

An RPM of $20 is on the high end for advertising but very low for affiliate, where sites tend to average $50-$100 so we feel it’s the best representation.

In total, back in February 2020, the 3012 domains we analysed brought in 4,502,640 visitors from search a month.

At a $20 RPM that translates into $180,106 income per month.

Back then we used a 30x multiple (in the Empire Flippers 2019 report the average sold multiple was 29x so we increased it by one to be conservative) that translates to a total portfolio value of $5,403,168.

February 2021

Empire Flippers released their 2020 report last year where multiples had risen to 32x:

However, since then, advertised multiples have really inflated into the 40x.

Therefore, in analyzing the current worth of the Income Store portfolio we’re going to use a 36x sales multiple.

In February 2021, the 3000+ domains are bringing in a total of 1,880,593 visitors from search a month.

At a $20 RPM that translates into $75,224 income per month.

Using a 36x sales multiple, that translates to a total portfolio value of $2,708,054 = a 50% reduction over the last 12 months.


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