is hiring (a partner!)

Finding a biz partnerAfter having the community be a side project since its creation, I’m jazzed to finally focus on taking it to the next level.

This is a group that I very much enjoy spending time with. I believe it provides a lot of value to the members inside, and has the potential to deliver a whole bunch more.

But… I can’t do it alone.

So I’m searching for the right person to help me. Someone whose job is simply to add value to the community members, and help grow the forum (once we reopen to new members).


Why this job is awesome

I actually think this will be a dream job for the right person, as it’s really all just about learning, sharing, and helping.

If you’re curious and love to learn and share your findings, then this is for you.

Another perk is that our members are pretty incredible people. Rarely do you find a better group of smart, thoughtful, and successful people congregated in one small corner of the web. I mean that.

Being able to interact with and learn from them is invaluable.


The Specifics

Here are some of the specific responsibilities:

1. Deep dives into various topics for our members.
These will NOT be investing recommendations, but simply deep dives on a regular finance or business topic to help our group make better decisions and be more knowledgeable. Think of being a researcher for the group that sums up topics.

Some examples could be a review of an investing platform or fund, a summary of umbrella insurance, actionable SOPs for using ChatGPT to help outsourced customer support, etc.

Basically, just imagine if you were doing content marketing for a niche group of people, but instead of trying to craft your content for clicks and sharing, you’re just crafting it to provide as much simplified value as possible to those reading.

2. A weekly summary email only for community members.
This will mostly be a brief roundup of what was shared inside the community over the last week.

3. Organizing group calls
A group call, open Q&A, or online meetup 2x/month

4. Organizing resources for members inside the forum
Making it easy for members to absorb knowledge.

5. Minor support
(worry not, there is basically nothing to do, but I’m just putting it here just in case)

There will also be some things related to actually growing the community (but not growth at all costs, only people who are a good fit), as well as some tasks involving working with a VA to put together lists of investable deals.

**The above is a list of MY thoughts, but I’d really love someone who has thoughts and opinions of their own on how to provide the most value.


Position Details:

I’m looking for a full-time person. Pay is negotiable, but will involve a base pay and profit share. I want a partner, not a minion.

The ideal person does not need to be any sort of investing professional, but experience in online business is pretty important. Everyone in the community is an entrepreneur of some sort, and most of those have online businesses. A lot of the stuff we talk about (and allocate capital to) is on that wavelength.

Obviously, this is a remote position. The preferred location is the Americas so we’re on similar time zones, but European time zones are acceptable as well for the right person.

I am the opposite of a micromanager, so the right person MUST be a self-starter and self-motivated. This is me if you’re interested, and if you read any of my posts you can see how my brain works.

As for applying, I really don’t want a bunch of generic applications and resumes. If you’re just looking for a job to pass the time, don’t bother, I’m not hiring anyone unless they are a perfect fit, as I can wait.

If you believe you’re a good fit, just tell me why you believe so in the application form.

Thank you!



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