Travis Jamison

Travis Jamison investing

Hey, I’m Travis.

Originally I did a bunch of entrepreneur-stuff, and then I did a bunch of investor-stuff.

Now I sort of go back and forth depending on what opportunities arise, but I’m generally wearing a capital-allocator-hat 🎩

Really though, I just like hanging out with likeminded folks. Those types of folks are generally entrepreneurial investors. It’s not a rule, it just happens to be what I (and others like me) gravitate towards.

Why is that?

For a long time I wasn’t so sure. It confused me actually.

But finally, I realized what it was.

Think about the game of football. Generally football fans love hanging out with other football fans right? It’s so they can all enjoy the game together, recognize and beautiful play, and strategize what is going to happen next.

Well entrepreneurship and investing, to me at least, are the best possible strategy games in the whole entire world. Nothing else even comes close.

THIS is why, and our compounding community called Snowball, exist. To give me more friends to enjoy this giant strategy game with, and to help provide you with this same service.

Through this, we’ll grow together, and hopefully prosper together.

Reach out and say hi anytime. I love chatting with likeminded folks 👋 

– Travis Jamison


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