The 9 Best Investing Blogs Worth Subscribing To

Doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced veteran investor, or if you’ve never invested a penny in your life.

Finding investment advice or an investment strategy that isn’t complete nonsense is damn challenging.

Unless you know what to look for, you’re often left trying and failing on your own. Or worse – you never invest at all, thinking that “the stock market is too complicated.”

Here you’ll find 9 of the best investing blogs. There’s something for every investor.

The Blog – Best For Entrepreneurs was created for entrepreneurs interested in diving into investing and learning about financial markets.

Started by Travis Jamison and co-founder Richard Patey, both with strong backgrounds in online business, the platform focuses on helping entrepreneurs use their skills in the investment world. Jamison’s sale of AMZTracker for over $10 million adds to the platform’s trustworthiness. keeps its content fresh. They send out a newsletter twice a week with the latest investment news and resources. They also have the “Website Investing” podcast, which shares stories and advice from online business pros.

Entrepreneur Investor Community

The real strength of is its community, The Snowball Club.

Rated as one of the top investing communities, it’s different than the quick chats like on many social media sites. Snowball has a forum for in-depth discussions. With over 200 members, there’s always a conversation about everything from stocks, to search funds, crypto to real estate, and even online business.

The site isn’t just about talking; it shows real investment chances. Members can find everything from businesses for sale and DeFi projects to angel deals and other assets.

To sum it up, The Snowball Club is a top spot for entrepreneurs who want to get into investing. With its expert advice, active community, and real investment chances, it’s a must-visit for business owners wanting to learn more about investing.

Oblivious Investor – Best For Low Maintenance Investors

The Oblivious Investor is all about making investing simple and stress-free. For busy entrepreneurs, managing daily business tasks can leave little time to closely watch their investments.

As many investing blogs, this one promotes easy investing, mainly using index funds and ETFs. The idea is simple: set up your investments right, and you don’t have to stress about daily stock market changes.

The blog’s main message is about making investing easy.

It talks about spreading out investments, keeping costs low, and not getting caught up in every market twist and turn. This hands-off approach helps readers make good choices without getting overwhelmed. It’s also useful for people (like me) who often feel like investment advice goes against common sense.

Even the oblivious investor can successfully engage the financial markets, like the blog name implies.

From CPA To Personal Finance Advisor

Mike Piper, the person behind Oblivious Investor, knows his stuff.

Mike is a licensed CPA in Missouri and has written several personal finance books. He’s even been mentioned in big-name publications like The Wall Street Journal and Morningstar. Plus, he made the Open Social Security calculator, showing he’s all about making finance more understandable.

There’s an article that explains how to adjust your investments, especially as retirement gets closer. Another post talks about new finance books and shares personal money stories. This mix of topics helps readers get a full picture of how to invest smartly.

In addition to the heaps of content on the blog, you can subscribe for a weekly newsletter to get regular fresh advice and stay up-to-date with the financial world.

Dividend Growth Investor – Best For The Average Person

The “Dividend Growth Investor” blog focuses on how growing dividends can boost investment returns.

Dividends can be a reliable way to earn money from investments, or even reach financial independence. For business owners, they can offer a steady income that can help support the business or act as a backup during tough times.

Decade of Personal Investment Records

The author of Dividend Growth Investor, only known as Blake, has been recording his investments for almost 15 years. The blog looks spartan with a very 2008 aesthetic, and the author is mostly anonymous, but the data is solid. You can find a record of every move he’s made, and hear the rationale behind that move. That’s the real value in this blog.

By talking about his own experiences, like when he hits a new dividend income goal, Blake gives readers a real-life look at how focusing on dividends can pay off. He also talks about strategies like dollar-cost averaging, showing that he’s using methods that many investors trust.

The blog covers a lot, from personal finance tips to deep dives into different investment platforms.

Blake is passionate about helping ordinary people invest, and he even has posts aimed at helping younger folks get started. Plus, his weekly updates on which companies are raising their dividends can help readers spot strong companies to consider for their portfolios.

Blake updates the blog regularly, sharing his latest thoughts, marking his progress, and breaking down current market trends. This means readers can always find fresh insights and up-to-date advice.

One of the big things Blake talks about is the value of thinking long-term about investment success. He stresses the benefits of sticking with your investments, even when the market gets rough, and he backs up his advice with his own experiences.

This makes his tips feel grounded and practical.

The $1000 Challenge Newsletter

Blake also offers the “Dividend Growth Investor Newsletter.”

It’s a paid feature, but it’s packed with premium content. The newsletter aims to help readers earn $1,000 a month in dividends, and it focuses on finding safe, growing dividends at good prices. But, like with any paid content, it’s a good idea for readers to think critically and make sure the advice fits their own investment plans.

Financial Samurai – Best Personal Stories

Financial Samurai is a standout in the crowded field of personal finance blogs. You won’t find regurgitated stock market news on this investing blog.

Started by Sam Dogen after the 2009 financial crisis, it’s a reflection of his journey through tough economic times. Even with his background in corporate finance at big names like Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse, and his solid education, Dogen felt the pinch of the crisis.

This mix of professional know-how and personal experience gives Financial Samurai a genuine feel, which many business owners might find relatable.

Life Stories and Relatable Personal Finance

The blog covers a lot, from investing and real estate to career advice and financial planning for retirement.

Dogen uses his own life as a backdrop to make otherwise dry investing advice feel more relatable and tangible. It’s stuff like this that only the the best investing blogs can do.

He talks about his ups and downs, giving readers real-world advice on how to handle money. By sharing his shift from a regular job to financial independence, he makes the content feel more down-to-earth.

Financial Samurai is popular, pulling in over a million visitors each month. Since it started, it’s had over 100 million visits, making it a big name in personal finance online.

All in all, Financial Samurai offers a mix of expert tips and personal stories. For anyone, especially business owners, looking for both guidance and real-life examples in finance, it’s a great place to start.

The Dividend Guy Blog – Best For Dividend Building

“The Dividend Guy Blog” is another great resource for those curious about dividend growth investing, offering lots of helpful tips and insights.

Dividend growth investing is a popular way to invest in the stock market because of regular returns. For business owners and entrepreneurs, getting a grip on this kind of investing can be really useful, especially when thinking about how to grow personal or business funds.

Mike Heroux, the guy behind the blog, knows his stuff when it comes to personal finance.

He’s worked as a financial planner and a banker, and he’s been investing in stocks since 2003. By 2010, he was all in on dividend growth investing, which shows he really believes in it. He even started “Dividend Stocks Rock” in 2013 to help others get into it.

Plus, he’s got a podcast where he breaks down the more tricky parts of the market in a way that’s easy to get.

Whether you’re trying to figure out payout ratios or looking for ways to set up your retirement funds, the blog has got you covered. And since it’s updated regularly, you can count on regular fresh info.

Hands-on Practical Advice

Mike shares his own dividend growth portfolio, so readers can see how he puts what he talks about into action. He even splits his stocks into core and growth categories, which shows how he balances and diversifies his investments.

All in all, “The Dividend Guy Blog” is a top spot for anyone interested in dividend growth investing. If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur looking to dive into dividends, this blog is worth a read.

Grünfin – Best For Green Investing

Sustainable investing is becoming a big deal these days, and Grünfin is right in the mix. Standing out from most investment blogs, they’re all about making sustainable investing straightforward and meaningful.

This approach is catching the eye of business owners who see that being green can be good for both the world and their wallets.

Grünfin covers a lot of ground on their blog. They talk about everything from green bonds to what’s up with shareholder activism. They break down the different types of sustainable investing, like impact investing and ESG investing.

This kind of info is extremely useful for business folks trying to get a handle on green finance.

Current Events and Awards

Grünfin is always on top of the latest news and trends, so you know you’re getting fresh info. Plus, they introduce their team members, so you get to know the people behind the posts. The team’s got a range of skills, from legal stuff to managing portfolios, which adds to the blog’s well-rounded feel.

Grünfin’s got some awards under their belt, too. They got a nod at the Baltic Sustainability Awards, and they’re making waves in places like Germany, where people really care about the environment. They also back up their talk with data, showing that you can make money while being sustainable.

To wrap it up, Grünfin is the best investing blog for anyone interested in sustainable investing. If you’re a business owner looking to go green with your finances, Grünfin’s got your back.

BiggerPockets – Best For Real Estate Investing

BiggerPockets is one of the best investing blogs for business owners interested in real estate. It’s a place where both new and experienced real estate investors can find helpful resources.

The blog posts on the platform are written by seasoned investors, making the advice both practical and trustworthy. Plus, with its strong online presence, including podcasts and a YouTube channel, BiggerPockets has become a recognized name in the real estate community.

The content on BiggerPockets covers everything from the basics of real estate to more advanced topics.

Whether you’re trying to set investment goals, learn about property management, or just understand the basics, there’s something for everyone. And if you’re just starting out, the “Starting Out Forum” is a great place to ask questions and learn from others.

BiggerPockets is regularly updated, with a newsletter that keeps readers informed about the latest in real estate.

What sets BiggerPockets apart from other investing blogs is its focus on practical advice. It’s not just about theory; the platform provides real-world insights and opportunities.

This hands-on approach helps users apply what they learn to their own investment journeys.

In short, BiggerPockets is a helpful resource for anyone interested in real estate investing. With its wide range of content and focus on practical advice, it’s a valuable tool for business owners and investors alike.

The College Investor – Best For Young Investors

The College Investor is a go-to resource for those looking to understand personal finance, especially around student loan debt and investing.

Started by Robert Farrington in 2009, it’s grown from a simple investing blog to a major financial site that helps millions every month. While it’s specifically aimed at students and graduates, it’s also valuable for business owners, especially millenials.

When it comes to personal finance, Robert Farrington knows his stuff.

He’s recognized as a top expert in millennial money and student loan debt. He’s been into investing and finance since he was a teen, and that passion shows in his work. Because he’s faced many of the same challenges his readers have, his advice feels real and down-to-earth.

There’s a lot to read on The College Investor. It covers everything from complex investment topics to practical tips for students. This wide range means there’s something for everyone, whether you’re a student, a recent grad, or running a business.

Focused on Quality and Honesty

The College Investor has become one of the best investing blogs because of its focus on quality and honesty. Unlike so many investment blogs, they work hard to give readers accurate, unbiased info. They’ve got a team of experts making sure of it, and if they get something wrong, they’re quick to fix it.

All in all, The College Investor is a top-notch resource for anyone looking to get a hold on wealth management and make informed investment decisions without abandoning common sense.

If you’re dealing with student loans, thinking about investing, or just want to learn more about money to secure your financial future, it’s worth a look.

White Coat Investor – Best For Doctors

The White Coat Investor (WCI) is a go-to personal finance and investment blog, especially aimed at doctors and other high-income professionals.

Dr. James Dahle, started it in 2011 after multiple run-ins with unscrupulous financial professionals early in his career. He noticed that many doctors, despite earning well, often struggled with money matters. This was mainly because their medical training didn’t cover financial education.

This inspired one of the best investing blogs, not just for doctors, but anyone with a decent income.

What makes WCI stand out is Dr. Dahle’s real-world experience. He’s been in the shoes of his readers, dealing with student loans, insurance decisions, and other financial challenges that doctors face.

The blog covers a wide range of topics, from basic investment strategy to more complex tax planning. And it’s not just articles on how to manage money; there are books, online courses, and even conferences.

Not Just An Investing Blog

There’s a forum where professionals chat about money, share experiences, and give advice.

The main idea behind the blog is pretty straightforward: with the right info, high earners like doctors can handle their finances without paying someone else to do it. Over the years, a lot of readers have said that WCI has helped them get better with money.

For business owners, there’s a lot to learn from WCI.

Like doctors, entrepreneurs have to figure out how to manage big incomes, invest wisely, and save on taxes. The blog’s advice on things like smart investing and living within your means can apply to pretty much anyone.

In short, the White Coat Investor is a solid resource for anyone, not just doctors, looking to get better with money. It’s packed with practical advice, and its community feel makes it approachable and relatable.

– Focus: Doctors

– About: Founded by Dr. Jim Dahle, this blog provides financial literacy to doctors and other high earners.

How Choose A Trustworthy Investing Blog

When diving into the world of investing, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the countless investment blogs and websites out there.

Your wealth management and financial planning strategy begins by listening to the right advice. Investing is about making choices with your money, and the wrong advice can lead to losses.

With so many people online claiming to be experts, it’s essential to know who you can trust, especially for beginner investors.

Here’s a simple guide on how to choose the best investing blogs and why it’s important.

Look at the Author’s Background

Before you dive into a blog, check out who’s writing it. Do they have experience or education in finance? Certifications or memberships in professional groups can also be good signs.

Be Wary of Constant Sales Pitches

Trustworthy blogs will be upfront about any products or services they’re promoting. If a blog seems more like a constant ad, be cautious.

Variety is Good

A reliable investing blog will talk about many topics, not just one. If a blog seems stuck on one topic, especially if it sounds too good to be true, think twice.

Check Out the Comments

Many blogs have comment sections. Looking at these can give you a feel for the blog’s quality. If people are actively discussing and sharing, it’s a good sign.

Look for Current Info

The investing world changes all the time. Good blogs will keep their content updated to reflect the latest news and trends.

Double-Check Facts

Don’t just trust one blog for everything. It’s always a good idea to check information across a few trusted sources. The investment industry is full of people making wild claims, but less of those who can back it up.

In short, while there’s a lot of investing advice online, not all of it is good. By being careful and choosing the right blogs, you can make better decisions with your money.

Your Turn

Every investment blog, like every investor, has its own niche strength. That’s true for these 9 investors, and it’s true for you.

The blogs mentioned here share some of the best investment strategies out there. All you have to do is pick your style and start reading.

Be wary of red flags, and you’ll find your own investment blog and community in no time.

Updated February 22, 2024


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