The 7 Best Private Equity Newsletters Worth Subscribing To

Private equity is where the real brains of investing live.

It can be such a lucrative asset class that many the best minds of our generation gravitate there.

Unfortunately, I’ve found that if you’re not staying up to date on the action that it’s easy to fall behind.

My solution: read the top PE newsletters in the space. Here I share with you my list of the top publications worth subscribing to. Who made the list of the top must-read sources?

My list of the top private equity newsletters:

Here’s my list of what I consider must-read publications.

PE HUB (PEI Group)

PE Hub is a premium intelligence service tailored to the private equity market of North America. Whether you’re a startup owner or institutional private equity investor, navigating the private equity waters can be challenging, but with PE Hub, the journey becomes significantly more informed.

PE Hub is more than just a newsletter. It offers handpicked news and insights for its subscribers. With an experienced team of journalists, PE Hub keeps its readers updated on topics like LBO deal trends, capital use strategies, and new investment chances.

The service’s depth is evident in its offerings, from quarterly deals and exit data to insights on loan pricing and terms.

Moreover, the vast archive of over 100,000 PE Hub news stories and an extensive database of fund managers make it an invaluable resource for anyone in the private equity sphere.

Behind PE Hub is the globally recognized PEI Group, a testament to the newsletter’s credibility.

Subscription Cost

Subscription options cost from $2395 to $2995/year. Both options include unrestricted news & analysis and downloadable deal data. The more expensive service also includes full access to general partner (GP) profiles and the PE HUB research team.

For startup owners keen on understanding the private equity landscape in North America, PE Hub is more than just a newsletter; it’s a gateway to a world of insights, trends, and opportunities. Its comprehensive coverage ensures that subscribers are always equipped with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions.

Private Inequity

This is not realllly a newsletter, it’s simply a Twitter account. But yet, this account deserves mentioning.

It’s an experienced PE guy coming out of the woodwork transparently breaking down the industry.

He shares EVERYTHING about how things work, how to build a good career in the industry (or move up market)

Here is a list of the great content he is putting out in the world.

Topics include: How to move to buy side, EBITDA & Margin expansion, Associates guides to gaining autonomy, and more.



Private Equity International (PEI Group)

Another news platform backed by the PEI Group, Private Equity International offers unparalleled insights into the relationship between investors and fund managers.

Established in December 2001, the publication has grown to become a global authority on the private equity industry. With a dedicated team of experts stationed in key financial hubs like London, Hong Kong, and New York City, the publication delves deep into the people, funds, and financial trends that shape this ever-evolving sector.

As more institutions show interest in private equity globally, PEI focuses on providing timely news, unique data, and clear analysis. They cover everything from investor plans to how money moves in the asset class, making sure readers stay informed.

But their offerings aren’t limited to just news and analysis. The digital platform is a treasure trove of commentary, insights, and a proprietary database that tracks funds, fund managers, and investors.

Subscription Cost

Subscriptions range from €2995 to €6550/year, offering unrestricted access to a vast databank of published articles. If you opt for the more expensive option, you also get a ton of priceless data, including access to 10,200 GP and 6,400 LP data profiles, and profiles of over 40,000 private equity funds worldwide.

For those who prefer the tactile experience, the Private Equity International magazine, published ten times a year, offers a deep dive into the world of private equity, supplemented by a series of in-depth special editions.

Behind the scenes, PEI is more than just a publication. It’s a global B2B information powerhouse dedicated exclusively to alternative assets. From private equity and real estate to private debt, infrastructure, and agri investing, PEI has cemented its position as the go-to source for business knowledge and intelligence in these sectors.

If you’re an investor interested in the more entrepreneurial side of things, is what you need. It has a focus on the micro private equity side of things, but also incorporates traditional PE, venture capital, public markets, debt and RE, and more. It’s not only a newsletter, they also have a community of entrepreneurial investors. is operated by founder Travis Jamison, a seasoned entrepreneur with multiple successful exits, and is supported Geoff Matthews, an experienced vet in Mergers & Acquisitions. Together, they combine the strengths of both the investing and entrepreneurial realms into the community.

Travis doesn’t just talk about private equity firms, he also owns one – As a micro private equity firm, they invest in SMB acquisitions at scale. From founder or management buyout, to search funds and entrepreneurship-through-acquisition co-investing.’s content ranges from industry news to insights from Travis’s personal experience in the private equity industry.

With the newsletter, you get daily updates and weekly deep dives into markets that matter to you. Whether you’re curious about private businesses for sale, DeFi opportunities, or angel deals, has you covered. And it’s not just about news; they offer actionable insights on risk management, alternative assets, and wealth preservation.

“You’ll recognize many of the names in the group and be able to participate in some really rewarding conversations. There will be those who are much stronger in the areas you know less about, and you’ll be able to contribute some serious value as well.”

-Dan Morris, Niche Pursuits

Want to chat with like-minded investors? Apply to join their active Snowball community. Prefer to keep things simple? Sign up for their free twice-weekly newsletter. With, you’re not just reading about investments; you’re becoming a smarter investor.


AlphaWeek is a straightforward digital magazine that covers the active investment management industry. It focuses on four main sectors: alternative credit, hedge funds, private equity, and venture capital. Whether you’re into private equity or venture capital, AlphaWeek has got you covered.

What’s great about AlphaWeek is its content. Instead of just giving you the news, it goes a step further. It offers feature articles that dive deep into specific topics. This means you’re not just getting the ‘what’, but also the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of things.

Subscription – Free

AlphaWeek also has specialized newsletters for each of their main content areas. And they’re free.

AlphaWeek’s private equity newsletter primarily includes a featured article on a specific topic as well as news from the investment market. The newsletter is edited by Greg Winterton and has been in circulation since 2017. It is sent out on a weekly basis. The newsletter is designed for private equity professionals and offers insights into the private equity sector, including updates on Alternative Credit, Hedge Funds, Real Assets, and Venture Capital.

Private Equity Wire

Private Equity Wire is the leading online platform the institutional private equity investor and others in the private equity world. They offer everything from industry news to insights. As Donza of Clear Peak Capital said, “Private Equity Wire is required reading for the PE industry.

One of Private Equity Wire’s strengths is its comprehensive coverage. They provide updates on significant industry shifts, such as key appointments like Lincoln Road Global Management’s new Director of Investor Relations. They also spotlight major strategic developments, like Align Capital Partners’ new investment strategy or Värde Partners’ impressive $1.5 billion fundraising for lending opportunities.

For those interested in broader industry trends, Private Equity Wire offers valuable insights. Their report on European venture capital firms, which have invested a significant €96 billion in European companies over a decade, is particularly noteworthy.

In the realm of technology, the platform doesn’t lag. They’ve highlighted innovations like ListAlpha’s AI-driven platform, which promises to revolutionize deal flow management for private equity investors.

Subscription – Free

At the heart of Private Equity Wire offerings is the Private Equity Deal Flow newsletter. Delivered weekly, it serves as a pulse check on the industry, spotlighting significant acquisitions, partnerships, and capital-raising endeavors. A recent highlight, for instance, was ICG’s substantial €400m investment in Enfinity Global, underscoring the newsletter’s commitment to timely and relevant updates.

If you’re keen on the private credit arena, the Private Equity Credit Score newsletter should be on your radar. It offers sharp insights into key deals and significant capital-raising activities. A prime example of its thorough coverage was the detailed analysis of Apollo’s strategic decision to assist Victory Park in offloading Amazon aggregator Perch.

The Weekly Newsletter is a comprehensive roundup that explores a wide range of topics central to private equity. Whether it’s the emerging prospects in the 5G domain or the growing focus on ESG factors for investors, this newsletter provides a broad perspective on the industry’s shifting dynamics.

All of these newsletters are free.


Unquote offers timely insights into private equity, specifically focusing on market activity in the UK. This makes it a priceless tool for professionals who need to stay ahead of the curve.

With an archive boasting over 28,000 articles on the European private equity market, there’s no shortage of content. Whether you’re looking for historical data or the latest happenings, Unquote has got you covered.

Plus, with the Unquote analysis magazine being published 10 times a year, you’re guaranteed fresh insights regularly.

Unquote offers a flexible pricing model. The cost varies based on the number of users, products accessed, and your preferred delivery methods. And as you add more users, the cost per user decreases.

Testimonials from industry stalwarts vouch for Unquote’s content quality. Described as a “comprehensive source of private equity market intelligence,” many professionals have come to rely on it for their daily dose of insights. The service also offers a dedicated Account Manager for subscribers, ensuring that any queries or issues are promptly addressed.

What our clients say about us:

“In my view, Unquote should be obligatory reading for anyone working in the mid-market leveraged arena. The publication not only provides in-depth information on transaction activity within the private equity space, but the articles and editorial content are also valuable sources of market commentary, data and trends.”

Acquisition finance specialist, Lloyds Bank Corporate Markets

Unquote doesn’t just stop at news articles. Subscribers can choose from 11 different email alerts spanning a range of topics and regions. Whether you’re interested in specific regional trends or broader market activities, there’s something for everyone.


Founded in 2000, AltAssets believes that global economic growth is driven by entrepreneurial spirit, supported by a strong private equity sector. Originating from the Alternative Assets Network, AltAssets now boasts over 10,000 visitors across 159 countries daily, making it a global hub for private equity insights.

What makes AltAssets unique from other private equity newsletters? It provides thorough updates on the private equity industry, technology companies, and financial markets. This way everyone, from institutional investors to startup founders, stay informed.

AltAssets also offers special features. The Limited Partner Magazine, published quarterly, delves into the relationship between institutional investors and their chosen fund managers. Additionally, the AltAssets LP-GP Forums provide a unique chance for sector-specific discussions and collaborations, covering areas like clean energy, infrastructure, and emerging private equity markets.

“Everybody that counts in the sector is here. In one day you can meet everybody, I will come back next year.”

Nino Tronchetti Provera

Ambienta (GP)

You can subscribe for free to get private equity news and research daily. Or join the AltAssets Network for $39/month to access premium in-depth articles, fundraising and investor relations review, LP perspectives and a huge knowledge bank of past articles.

Based in London, AltAssets is at the heart of global private equity movements. Its dedication to building relationships and sharing knowledge shines through in all its activities.


Established in 2007 in Seattle, Pitchbook is a respected and comprehensive source for financial data. Morningstar, Inc. acquired it in 2016, which strengthened its market standing.

Why do financial professionals choose PitchBook? Its platform offers extensive data on private investments, from specific deals to investor profiles. But it’s more than just data. PitchBook analysts add depth, providing insights on market trends, ensuring subscribers receive meaningful, actionable information.

Beyond just data, PitchBook provides real-time news updates on private capital markets. It also offers a robust API, allowing easy integration with other software solutions.

The recognition PitchBook has garnered over the years speaks volumes about its reliability. Professionals from diverse fields, be it private equity, venture capital, or investment banking, rely on PitchBook for everything from deal sourcing to market research.

“There’s plenty of capital, but there is a shortage of good assets. PitchBook is a great tool for helping us gain these insights and find new opportunities.

Alessandro Scala, Managing Partner, Advbeca

“By explaining to LP’s that we have subscribed to PitchBook they get a sense of comfort that we have access to great information in the VC ecosystem.

Les Elliott, CEO, All Seasons Capital Management

In essence, subscribing to PitchBook is like equipping oneself with a powerful tool that offers not just data, but insights, news, and research, all tailored to empower informed decision-making. So, for anyone looking to navigate the intricate world of private equity and venture capital, PitchBook is undoubtedly the newsletter to have in your arsenal.

Your Turn

Private equity is a complicated topic at the best of times. Whether you’re an investor, startup founder looking for venture capital, or one of the private equity professionals, you must stay on top of the private equity market trends.

The private equity newsletters in this article can be a priceless resource, but only subscribe to the ones you need. After all, the best private equity investors are the ones who are able to apply data, and not drown in it.


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