The 8 Best Venture Capital Newsletters Worth Subscribing To

I hate subscribing to things.

Too often I’m just voluntarily signing up to some scummy salesman’s online course promotion list.

So if you’re like me, you’re selective about what you sign up for.

But as investors, we want to keep up with the venture capital scene. You want current information that’s trustworthy and valuable. To save you the trouble of searching and getting burned, I put together a list of the best venture capital newsletters that are actually worth reading.


StrictlyVC is an independent media company, founded by Connie Loizos in late 2013. With her extensive background in journalism, including roles at renowned publications like TechCrunch and Thomson Reuters, you can be sure the content quality is top-notch.

Connie’s expertise with venture capitalists and keen eye for the intricacies of the venture capital world make the newsletter a reliable source of information.

Relevance is at the heart of StrictlyVC. It zeroes in on the venture capital scene, not just in the tech hub of Silicon Valley but also extending its coverage beyond, ensuring that its readers are well-informed about the global VC landscape.

The newsletter is dispatched daily, ensuring that subscribers are always in the loop with the most recent happenings.

One of the best parts? It won’t cost you a dime. StrictlyVC is a free resource, making it accessible for startups at all stages.

The topics covered are comprehensive, ranging from the latest VC deals, in-depth analyses, to interviews with industry stalwarts.

On top of all that, the newsletter isn’t just about reading. It’s also about networking and learning. StrictlyVC organizes events that feature tech’s top thought leaders, providing a platform for meaningful interactions and discussions.

CB Insights Newsletter

The CB Insights Newsletter is a roadmap through the complex world of tech and the booming startup ecosystem. They provide readers with the lowdown on what’s going on, what you should do about it and most importantly – what you should invest in.

It dives into tech news, markets, business strategies, and companies. But it’s not just about information. CB Insights taps into a vast tech dataset, helping readers pinpoint markets and technologies worth their time and investment.

What sets CB Insights apart is its mix of exclusive data, predictive algorithms, and expert analysis. This combination allows users to confidently choose the right companies to work with. Plus, it gives an edge by shedding light on competitors’ plans, helping businesses strategize effectively.

CB Insights also demystifies private companies. It offers a clear look at these firms, helping users differentiate between those with real promise and those that are all talk. The platform also comes with tools that simplify managing startup connections.

Many top global companies trust CB Insights, so you probably can too.

“With CB Insights, we are finding the right opportunities, and adding relationships in an entirely new, refreshing way. It also allows us to be more thoughtful about approaching companies that are well matched to our capabilities.”

Rahul Baig Managing Director, Wells Fargo is like having a personal translator for Wall Street jargon, which makes it arguably one of the best venture capital newsletters for startup founders.

Unlike many other investment newsletters, it’s all about making smart investing accessible for everyone. They deliver daily updates and weekly deep dives into the markets that have the potential to radically shift your investment game.

The platform is especially tailored for entrepreneurs looking to invest.

Travis Jamison, the man behind, has founded a dozen bootstrapped companies with a few meaningful exits under his belt. He’s now investing in a wide variety of diversified asset classes and is keen on not blowing up. In addition to writing about venture capital firms, he also owns one at

Geoff Matthews, a co-contributor, has a strong background in Mergers and Acquisitions.

They don’t focus on fleeting “hot stock tips.” Instead, the newsletter covers a range of investment areas like private businesses, DeFi, angel deals, and other interesting startup news. The best part? It’s tailored for entrepreneurs and is completely free.

AVC – Musings of a VC in NYC

AVC is Fred Wilson’s blog. He’s a founder and managing partner at Union Square Ventures. Based in New York, Fred has been active in the venture capital scene since 1987 and has invested in notable companies like Tumblr, Twitter, and Zynga.

On his blog, Fred shares daily insights on a variety of topics, from his “MBA Mondays” series to thoughts on current events. The blog sees a lot of engagement, with readers actively discussing in the comments and sharing posts on platforms like Twitter.

What makes AVC stand out is its genuine content.

Fred dives deep into the consumer Internet space, discussing its growth and the challenges startups face. His investment philosophy is clear in his posts, as he emphasizes the importance of innovation and original ideas in the emerging business practices.

For entrepreneurs and investors, AVC offers insights into the venture capital world. Fred covers a range of topics, from NFT scams to CEO reviews, making his blog a valuable resource for those interested in the tech and investment sectors.

For more on Fred Wilson’s insights, you can visit AVC.

Inside Venture Capital: Your Gateway to the Venture Capital World

Part of the respected platform, Inside Venture Capital is a reliable guide for those keen to understand the dynamic venture capital scene. It’s suitable for investors, entrepreneurs, and anyone interested in the field.

With a strong subscriber base, Inside Venture Capital is more than just a newsletter. Created by the well-known Jason Calacanis, it’s a trusted source in the industry. As they say, it’s designed to keep readers informed and ahead, all in a few minutes a day.

Here’s what you get when subscribing:

  • Latest funding news, including key players and processes.
  • Hear what the leading figures in the venture capital industry have to say.
  • Find out about emerging investment trends and potential breakthroughs.
  • Get essential insights in just about 5 minutes a day.

Additionally, subscribers get access to special events, like the “Meet Our Fund 5” in San Mateo, California. This offers a comprehensive experience, allowing readers to not only gain knowledge but also participate in real venture capital happenings.

Mattermark Daily

Mattermark Daily offers top-notch content that appeals to the business world. Now standing on its own, Mattermark has attracted over 100,000 professionals who look forward to its daily updates.

The newsletter features insightful articles from experienced investors and operators, covering topics like venture capital, SaaS, IPOs, entrepreneurship, and more.

Since starting in October 2013, Mattermark Daily has shared almost 2,500 articles. These aren’t just any articles either. They’re chosen through specific methods and community input. The aim is to highlight quality articles that provide deep insights for its readers.

While the newsletter often focuses on newer content, it typically bypasses big tech publications like TechCrunch and VentureBeat. However, it does include articles from founders and investors on these platforms if they match reader interests.

But there’s more to Mattermark than just the newsletter.

It’s a comprehensive platform offering data services to help users track the growth of companies and investors. Their tools include a data browser, spreadsheet add-ons, a browser extension, a mobile app, and CRM integration.

For startup owners on the hunt for investment insights, subscribing to Mattermark Daily is a no-brainer. It’s a melting pot of perspectives from both startup operators and investors, offering a panoramic view of the current startup and investment milieu.

Venture Capital Journal (VCJ)

The Venture Capital Journal (VCJ) has been a trusted source of information on early stage investments since 1961. Part of its longstanding reputation comes from its dedication to detailed reporting, making it a go-to venture capital newsletter for those interested in the industry.

The publication’s editorial team, including the likes of Lawrence Aragon, ensures the content remains relevant and insightful for its readers.

VCJ offers six print issues a year, packed with market data, insights on private equity investors, and more. Additionally, subscribers receive daily email updates to keep them informed about the latest happenings in the venture capital scene.

The journal’s content ranges from in depth industry profiles to ranking the best venture capital. It provides a comprehensive look into fundraising and investment trends, helping readers identify emerging VC firms, available venture funds, and significant investment areas. With tools to track over 2,000 funds and insights from various capital sources, VCJ ensures its readers are always well-informed.

A one-year Gold subscription to VCJ is priced at $2,945.00. While this might seem like a significant amount, the depth and breadth of information provided make it a valuable resource for many. For larger groups, VCJ also offers team-wide subscription options.

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or new to the venture capital scene, VCJ offers tools and insights to help you navigate the industry.


Seedtable is a weekly newsletter that offers insights into this landscape. Sent out every Sunday morning, it reaches over 21,000 readers, including founders, operators, and investors.

Created by Gonzalo Sanchez, the VP of Marketing at On Deck, Seedtable showcases his enthusiasm for tech and his desire to support budding entrepreneurs. Beyond the newsletter, Gonzalo also hosts a podcast where he chats with tech experts. His efforts have been recognized by well-known outlets like Wired, MSNBC, and Sifted.

Seedtable stands out for its in-depth content. It offers detailed trend reports and thorough company analyses. For those interested in data, Seedtable Intel provides information on European startups that have recently received funding. Updated monthly, this database is useful for European startup founders and anyone wanting to grasp the European investment space.

For both startup owners and investors, Seedtable offers a clear view of the European tech industry, providing a mix of news, analysis, and insights.

Your Turn

As a startup founder or investor, constant learning is just part of the lifestyle. These newsletters are great ways to stay up to date with technology trends, the hottest startups and industry news without needing to scour the internet and curate content yourself.

So take a look at these venture capital newsletters and subscribe. For once it’s worth your while and your inbox will thank you for it.


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