How to invest (and not go crazy) when markets are crashing

this is fine

The world is a pretty uncertain place right meow.

So many unknowns, so much bad news, and an avalanche of risks all rushing in at once.

Financial quackery, crazy inflation, central bank tightening, the war in Ukraine, rising mortgage rates, the questionable status of the USD, Covid lockdowns, supply chain shenanigans.

The list is long, the reasons many.

It’s all a world-class recipe for surging cortisol and creeping anxiety. I can see the grey-hair gods licking their chops from here.

So what should you be doing? What is the right move to make?

“It depends” is one of the most annoying phrases for good reason, but it’s applicable here. It depends on your goal. If your goal is to speculate, take big swings, and try to get rich from a humble beginning, then I have nothing for you.

But, if like me, your goal is sleep well at night, know you’ll be ok in all situations, and provide freedom for yourself over the long run, then I’ll share with you my thoughts on how to best do that.

(I personally would watch at 1.5x speed)


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