The 19 Best Venture Capital and Angel Investor Twitter Accounts To Follow

Ever wanted to get direct access to the minds of successful venture capitalists around the world?

You’d have an instant hotline to all markets and new inspired investment ideas. Not to even mention the expertise and experience of successful venture capital investors.

Thing is, you can. Using the platform until recently known as Twitter (now 𝕏).

Here’s a roundup of my top 19 venture capital and angel investor Twitter accounts that I follow.

@rrhoover – Ryan Hoover

Ryan Hoover is a venture capitalist and founder of Product Hunt, a website where users share and discover new products. He is known for his expertise in startups, product development, and technology trends. 

Hoover’s Twitter account, @rrhoover, typically features content related to technology, startups, and product development. 

He often engages in discussions about current trends in the tech industry, shares insights and advice for entrepreneurs, and highlights interesting new products and services. Followers can expect a mix of personal thoughts, professional insights, and industry news.

@eladgil – Elad Gil

Elad Gil is a prominent figure in the tech industry, known for his role as an entrepreneur, investor, and author. He has a significant background in technology and startups, having co-founded Color Genomics and contributed to high-profile companies like Twitter and Google. 

On his Twitter account, @eladgil, Gil shares insights and commentary on technology, startups, and the venture capital industry. His tweets often include perspectives on market trends, advice for entrepreneurs, and discussions about the future of tech.

Followers can expect a blend of professional analysis, personal viewpoints, and industry news.

@Travis_Jamison – Travis Jamison

Travis Jamison is a serial entrepreneur turned full-time investor & part-time wisdom seeker. Owner at, Snowball Club,, Smash Digital and partner in dozens more, he’s also a kickass entrepreneur mentor.

Travis Jamison’s career trajectory has taken him from being an entrepreneur managing various businesses to an investor who now focuses on more involved and strategic forms of investment, particularly through and

The community he fosters here is aimed at like-minded individuals who share a similar enthusiasm for the intersection of entrepreneurship and investing.

@sama – Sam Altman

Sam Altman, known as @sama on Twitter, is a well-known entrepreneur and investor, primarily recognized for his role as the former president of Y Combinator, a prestigious startup accelerator. 

He is also the CEO of OpenAI, an artificial intelligence research lab. On his Twitter account, Altman shares his thoughts and insights on a wide range of topics, including technology, startups, artificial intelligence, and broader economic and societal issues. 

Followers of his account can expect a mix of personal opinions, industry insights, and discussions on current trends in technology and society.

@sether – Seth Levine

Seth Goldstein, known on Twitter as @sether, is an entrepreneur and investor with a focus on digital media and technology.

He has co-founded several companies, including DJZ and, and is recognized for his contributions to the tech industry. On his Twitter account, Goldstein shares insights and commentary on technology, digital media, and the startup ecosystem.

His tweets often reflect his experiences as an entrepreneur and investor, offering perspectives on industry trends, entrepreneurial advice, and observations on the evolving digital landscape. Followers can expect a blend of professional reflections, industry news, and personal thoughts.

@DavidSacks – David Sacks

David Sacks is a well-known entrepreneur and investor in the tech industry. He is recognized for his role as the founding COO of PayPal and has been involved in various successful ventures, including Yammer, which he founded and later sold to Microsoft.

Sacks is also a partner at Craft Ventures.

His tweets often include commentary on current industry trends, business strategies, and broader economic topics. Followers can expect a mix of in-depth analysis, personal opinions about Elon Musk, and discussions about the tech and startup ecosystem.

@VCBrags – VCs Congratulating Themselves 

VCs Congratulating Themselves share news, jokes, puns and motivational posts from other VCs and entrepreneurs. 

They are run by the team behind Brags Ventures, a VC firm with a great sense of humor. 

The content typically includes exaggerated and humorous brags, mimicking the style of venture capitalists and startup culture. The tweets are meant to poke fun at the sometimes over-the-top self-promotion and jargon common in the VC community. Followers can expect a blend of satire, humor, and witty commentary on the venture capital industry.

They currently have just over 235K followers, so you are highly likely to come into contact with useful contacts in the venture capital space. 

@HarryStebbings – Harry Stebbings

Harry Stebbings is known for his work in the venture capital and podcasting world.

He is the creator and host of “The Twenty Minute VC,” a popular podcast where he interviews notable venture capitalists and entrepreneurs. He shares insights and thoughts related to venture capital, tech news, and entrepreneurship.

His tweets often include personal opinions, updates about his podcast episodes, and interactions with leaders in the tech and VC sectors. Look to Harry for business advice and keeping tabs on emerging trends.

@indievc – is a VC firm known for its unique approach to investing.

They are great at shining a light on the flaws of the VC landscape, and will really make you think. Just because a trend is really taking off, does it mean you need to jump on it immediately?

Give them a follow if you are looking for a sound niche voice in your feed. For example, you will come across a gem like this that you aren’t all that likely to see from some of the bigger account in the space:

@ganeumann – Jerry Neumann

Jerry Neumann invests and advises companies in the early investment game stage. He’s the venture capitalist behind Neu Venture Capital, one of the most successful VC firms in the early stage VC landscape. He’s also one of Business Insider’s top 100 early stage investors.

You might also know him as Adjunct Professor at Columbia Business School.

He has worked at Deloitte and IBM, and he used to run the venture capital division of the Omnicom Group.

He shares wisdom on both his Twitter feed and his publications “Founder Vs Investor: The Honest Truth About Venture Capital from Startup to IPO” and his blog, Reaction Wheel

His Twitter profile is home to some very clever insights you should definitely check out. Case in point:

@aileenlee – Aileen Lee

Aileen Lee, an early stage tech VC known for coining the term “unicorn”, is probably a good place to start growing your network of venture capitalists.

Lee is an MIT and Harvard Business School graduate who kick-started her investment career in 1999. She is the co-founder and managing partner of Cowboy Ventures, an early investment firm whose portfolio hosts numerous successful early-stage companies, including Dollar Shave Club, Bloom Energy, and Guild Education.

Follow her not only for insightful perspectives and valuable content but also for job postings she occasionally shares. 

@naval – Naval Ravikant

Naval Ravikant’s tweets frequently tackle the topics of building startups, creating wealth, and life philosophy. He’s also a prominent venture capitalist.

Best known as the co-founder of AngelList, Ravikant has invested in 200+ companies, among which are more than 10 unicorns.

His tangible advice is beneficial to novice and experienced entrepreneurs alike, while his thought-provoking observations can help you strengthen your business acumen.

@jason – Jason Calacanis

Jason Calacanis is a prominent angel investor known for backing unicorns like Uber, Wealthfront, Trello, and Robinhood.

His profound understanding of the startup and tech ecosystem and a good nose for identifying high-potential businesses make him a great source of information and learning.

All this means his feed is packed with insider business tips, advice for securing venture capital, startup trends, and all things entrepreneurship.

@ajay_bcv – Ajay Agarwal

With more than 20 years of experience investing in early-stage investment in SaaS and digital marketplaces, Ajay Agarwal is one of the leading voices in the field of venture capitalism.

A partner at Bain Capital Ventures and a Standford grad, Agarwal has been involved in the growth of SendGrid, SurveyMonkey, and Optimizely, among other successful companies.

His tweets focus on embracing innovation in business, so his account is a must-follow for entrepreneurs venturing into tech, AI, and SaaS.

@paulg – Paul Graham

As the co-founder of the startup accelerator Y Combinator, Paul Graham brings extensive experience and depth to discussions about entrepreneurship and startups.

He uses his platform to address different facets of the startup landscape and share actionable tips for budding entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts.

His tweets help those navigating the entrepreneurial journey stay on track and offer them a sense of direction.

@bfeld – Brad Feld

Best known for “Feld Thoughts,” his blog about entrepreneurship, a seasoned VC, and co-founder of Techstars and the Foundry Group, Brad Feld is also active on Twitter.

He shares tech updates, startup advice, and investment strategies.

His thought leadership extends from investment strategies to mental health awareness in the entrepreneurial world. 

@msuster – Mark Suster

An entrepreneur turned VC, Mark Suster offers a deep insight into the world of venture capital.

He is now a partner in Upfront Ventures with successful exits under his belt, so it’s no wonder his blog “Both Sides of the Table” and his Twitter account are the go-to resources for tech startups.

He regularly shares industry knowledge derived from his (and other successful people’s) entrepreneurial experiences, while his tweets are both candid and no-nonsense.

@GuyKawasaki – Guy Kawasaki 

Guy Kawasaki, currently the chief evangelist at Canva, is a digital Renaissance man and mobile industry pioneer.

He started out as an Apple employee and moved on to become a successful entrepreneur, bestselling author, podcaster, and VC, resulting in a wealth of experience spreading across different areas.

His tweets offer links to his podcast episodes, which are interviews with amazing people. Every episode is both inspiration and practical, including actionable tips on entrepreneurship, innovation, tech, and even social media marketing — the whole nine yards.  

@joshk – Josh Kopelman

Being at the helm of First Round Capital, a fund backing up startups at the seed stage, Josh is a big name in the world of VC and angel investors.

Since 2004, he has invested in more than 300 companies and business development deals, the most notable being LinkedIn, Uber, and Warby Parker.

He used to be an entrepreneur himself, so he knows what it’s like to be on both sides of the table, and his concise and to-the-point tweets reflect this.

Twitter Tips For Early Stage Founders

So why should you spend your time on Twitter anyway? ‘Tis a silly place after all, as they say. Well, four reasons come to mind.

Keep Tabs On The Community

By following VCs on Twitter, you gain a front-row seat to the thought processes of these industry titans. It’s a great way to immerse yourself in the venture capital community with industry insights, market trends, and latest industry news.

But – use the block/mute function generously. Otherwise you’ll drown in noise.

Learn From Others’ Failures

It’s two steps away from having a mentor at your fingertips, guiding you through the journey of securing investments and scaling your business with a venture partner.

But – only follow qualified experts from curated lists like these.

Engage With Experts

In the startup community, where networking is paramount, Twitter provides a unique space for founders to engage, interact, and even collaborate with venture capitalists. When a simple tweet might get you into the good graces of the managing director of a venture capital firm, you need to be in there.

But – be genuine. Don’t try to bullshit anyone on Twitter, you’ll be blocked instantly.

Understand the Investment World

It’s not just about securing funds either. It’s about understanding the rhythm of the investment world, anticipating its ebbs and flows, and positioning oneself for success. For an early-stage founder, this interaction isn’t just beneficial: it’s essential.

But – use Twitter as an addition to your toolkit. Don’t use it as your only source of data.

Your Turn

If you’ve been avoiding Twitter lately due to the (questionable) upgrades going on, I don’t blame you. But there’s a whole treasure trove of amazing conversation going on, as long as you know where to look.

Now you have 19 people to follow and build a Twitter feed worth visiting daily.

Who knows, this might be your chance to meet the general partner of the firm to fund your next venture. And if Twitter feels like a bit too much, remember to check out these investment blogs.


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